Make a demand — now.

As we speak, elite liberals are working their strategy to co-opt the protests and divert them (the protesters) away from making dangerous (to the establishment) demands for things like community control of the police or Medicare for all.

You see this when you see videos of someone on a bullhorn leading masses of people in chants of “I can’t breathe.” Chanting “I can’t breathe” is not a demand. It’s getting people (the protesters) to subconsciously think that raising awareness of police violence against blacks is a sufficient thing for the protests to be doing.

When you see someone with a bullhorn, ask them where they got the bullhorn. How long have they had it? Where do they work? Where do they get their money from? Do they think I should vote for Joe Biden?

Ask them to give a one-word, yes or no answer to the question, “Do you support Medicare for all?”

If the protesters do not start making demands, there is a 100% chance the protests will eventually be co-opted by the Democratic party. It’s not police brutality that’s the biggest threat to the protests (though it might be to individual protesters) — it’s liberals who will come in and skillfully (and with money behind them) take leadership of the protests before winding them down.

To reiterate, the protests are in grave danger right now, and it’s not from the police. If the protesters don’t make a demand (or three) now, the protests will be de-fanged.

Personally, I would recommend demanding something like 1) community control of the police, 2) Medicare for all, and 3) a $2,000/month UBI (universal basic income). But honestly, just about any demand that runs counter to elite interests will do. There just has to be some application of offensive power. Otherwise, George Floyd will have died for nothing.