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Noam Chomsky, today.

This is disgusting.  The man who wrote Year 501, Deterring Democracy, and Rethinking Camelot is today a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democratic party.  However, it’s not just Chomsky.  It’s basically the entire U.S. left.

Other than Jimmy Dore, there is no left in the United States.  Everyone on the left says, “Oh, these problems we face like global warming, massive corruption, and war are so terrible and urgent,” but as soon as someone suggests a strategy for dealing with them, everyone circles the wagons around their preferred politicians.  How many people, say, criticize AOC from the left?  Everyone carries her water and makes excuses for her.

It’s a good business model though.  You raise money from people who are comfortable and who, while they might like Medicare for all or a $15-an-hour minimum wage, don’t really need it and certainly don’t like making waves.  Someone whose name I no longer remember told me several decades ago that that left doesn’t need a revolution and, deep down, doesn’t really want one.  (Interestingly, perhaps only to me, he was a friend of Michael Albert.)

Chomsky embodies that sentiment.

If you’re a diabetic, you don’t just measure your blood sugar.  You have to actually do things to manage it, like watching your carbs and perhaps taking medication.  The left is like a diabetic that relentlessly checks its blood sugar, then goes to the donut shop only to be left wondering why its glucose is so high.  But those cream sticks just taste so good, and all our friends like them and we don’t want to be the odd one out.

The left in this country deserves to be destroyed.

It’s 2021.

Do you have Medicare for all yet?  Do you see a path forward for achieving it?  There actually is one.  But it will never ever happen with a pareconish left.  No, I can’t prove that.  I just know that it’s true.

See you in another six months.  Maybe. 🤣

All the left does is whine.

Google is pulling sites’ ad revenue. They have immense power. So what?

This is how capitalism works. If you’re for capitalism, be for this. If you’re not for capitalism, then say what you’re for.

But to not oppose capitalism and then bitch about how capitalists operate is moronic. This is how power operates. Either shut up and accept it, or propose an alternative.

Why is ZeroHedge or Jimmy Dore bitching about this?  ZeroHedge is a libertarian website site.  They believe in unfettered property rights.  Well, Google is exercising their unfettered property rights, so ZH should shut up.  And while Jimmy is easily the best thing on the left (although it’s a low bar, I grant you), Jimmy seems generally fine with capitalism.  So he should shut up, too.

Do you think things are going to get better?  On our present trajectory, these are still just love taps the ruling class is doling out.  Things haven’t even gotten serious yet.  Wait till the ruling class starts trying.  These are still the salad days.

On our present trajectory, these actors will one day be longing for the halcyon days when Google was just demonetizing websites.

When I used to hang out at the now-defunct FireDogLake, I used to argue with site owner Jane Hamsher.  When Facebook floated the idea of charging fees to its business customers like Hamsher, she went on a PR offensive to oppose it.  Understandably, since Zuckerberg’s idea would have cost her a lot of money.

But I said to her, You never oppose the capitalist system.  Zuckerberg is a capitalist, and FB is his cash cow and his website.  If your business model depends on him, that’s not his problem.  It’s yours for not being smart enough to come up with a better business model.

She never addressed the argument.  This is typical of everyone on the left, then and now.  They bitch about the things powerful capitalists do, but they basically accept the capitalist framework uncritically.

But you can’t have it both ways.  If you say nothing about capitalism and propose no alternative to it, then you can’t bitch when capitalists do what capitalists do.  And if you’re going to oppose capitalism, then say what you’re for already.

What the left wants — and this is not at all just Jimmy, it’s the entire left — is to have its cake and eat it too.  It wants the bad capitalists gone, but it wants to take its place among the pantheon of influential owners in the economy and society.

Put more baldly, no one on the left is willing to get out into the fields under the hot sun and do their fair share of picking the cotton — and that includes Jimmy.  So when the capitalists act, as they always and invariably do, the left has no real way to oppose them.  So the left is reduced to whining.

And frankly, the libertarians are just getting what they deserve, so fuck them.  Besides, Google is going to re-monetize them within a week anyway.  ZeroHedge will be fine, and they have to know that.

The left, on the other hand, is classist as hell and will never change.