You need a new party like you need another hole in your head.

Jimmy Dore is reporting a third party is forming in the United States. Another one? How many do you need?

Forming yet another party is a waste of time and just further splintering of resources by the left.

Instead of forming another party, all the parties that presently exist anywhere in the vicinity of the left should unite into one party. Now, I know this isn’t going to happen in a million years, but if the left were a pareconish left — as I have long argued it should be — it would be easy.

All the existing political parties — whether left or right — are top-down organizations with a typical corporate structure. So none of them can unite with any of the others, because who would be the boss? Who would control the money? It would be a never-ending fight.

But pareconish organizations could easily coalesce. Since everyone in a pareconish organization would be working a balanced job complex and be remunerated only for effort, if two pareconish structures merged into one, you’d just re-divvy up the tasks into balanced jobs. There’d be no fight over power because pareconish organizations are truly horizontal.

Again, I know this is never going to happen. The human race will literally go extinct before the extant left will even acknowledge the existence of participatory economics, much less implement it. But in theory, it’s easy and eminently doable.

But forming a 58th party — excuse me, third party — is an exercise that will go nowhere. There’s no reason theoretically to think it will work, and nothing in practice suggests my theory is anything other than correct.