Why don’t the Democrats guarantee abortion rights?

Expectations.  They don’t refuse to do it so they can run on a message of, “Vote for us or the Republicans will do so much worse.”  They run on that message because if they codify Roe, then you’ll have expectations going forward.

A few months ago, the Senate unanimously passed a bill that would have ended the semi-yearly time change related to Daylight Savings.  Pelosi won’t let the House vote on it.  Why?  It would be popular and it would actually save the business community money, because moving the clocks ahead in March has costs in terms of absenteeism.

If Congress passed it, suddenly people would see the government making a positive difference in their lives, then people would have expectations.  What would the government do next for an encore?

You can’t let people have expectations.  If people do have expectations, they can’t be controlled.  So you have to keep people’s expectations at zero all the time.

That’s why the Democrats won’t codify Roe.  It doesn’t matter if they get wiped out in a few months.  The U.S. ruling class, for whom the Democrats (and the Republicans) both work, don’t want you to have any expectations.  The Republicans will take over, and in a few years the voters will get sick of them and vote the Democrats back in again.  As long as nothing fundamental changes, the ruling class is happy, and any politicians who lose their elections in the rulers’ service will be well taken care of.

But crucially, the population will never ever be allowed to have any expectations whatsoever.  That’s fundamental to the never-ending ruling-class project of keeping the rabble in line.

To fix this, I argue that the left should attack the roots of the capitalist system itself and ask one simple question:  In a good society, should everyone do their fair share of shit work?

However, no one likes my approach and it will probably never be popular in my lifetime, if ever.  So, in lieu of that, I think people should take Jimmy Dore’s advice and stop voting for Democrats and stop donating to Democrats.1

  1. Jimmy also says people should not vote for Republicans either, and he’s probably right, but I don’t actually care what the Republicans do one way or another, because nobody is fooled by them.

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