One of these things is not like the other.

The World Socialist Web Site‘s top dog David Walsh outdoes himself in his commitment to reach out to women:

There were no witnesses, Reade never contacted the police and the statute of limitations has long since run out.

There’s quite a bit of corroboration. Reade told several people at the time. I’d ask if, for all your brilliance and flawless theory, you understand anything about the psychology of rape victims. But you don’t, and you don’t care to.

Tellingly, the Biden-Reade issue dominated the American news media in recent days

A credible rape allegation is a mere issue?

In part, the promotion of the Reade accusations is a deliberate effort to divert attention from the social and economic calamity.

You’re so stupid. Katie Halper broke this story well over a month ago, and the liberal media have been burying it the entire time. They do not want to cover it, and are only doing it now because they have no choice.

However, it is a fact of political life in America that while the deaths of 65,000 people and the collapse of jobs and incomes have not shaken the Democrats, who are as callous and removed from the crisis as Donald Trump, a sex scandal is another matter.

Wait, did you just call a rape allegation a “sex scandal?” Yes, yes you did.

Reade’s allegations are treated seriously, not because of their intrinsic importance, but because of the social layers with whom they resonate, the upper middle class on which the Democrats rest and rely.

Okay, David Walsh is clearly a moron. And, if it wasn’t already obvious, sexist as hell. “Not because of their intrinsic importance?” So, in other words, rape isn’t important. I presume Reade should have just relaxed and enjoyed it?

However, having fashioned and animated the Frankenstein monster of a sexual harassment witch hunt, they now discover it is not so easy to make their creation go away.

Not “sexual harassment.” Rape. Just FYI.

Without providing the slightest evidence Reade is telling the truth, Valenti goes on to argue that “it is feminists’ responsibility to come to the aid of a woman who accuses a powerful man.

Oh for fuck’s sake, this is so offensive. Yes, there’s no evidence, Dave. You’re right. The economy is the base, everything else is superstructure and irrelevant. There was no sexism in the Soviet Union, and there wouldn’t be any sexism if people like you were in charge, because there is no such thing as sexism. Or rape.

God, you’re such a fucktard.

For the working class, the crisis of the Democratic Party over a sexual misconduct allegation under the present disastrous circumstances should be further proof that this is a big-business party and resolute enemy of their interests and needs.

Okay, let me explain this so your pea-size chauvinist brain can understand: Sexual misconduct is running around on your wife. Rape is a felony.

This is just so offensive. Tara Reade was raped by Joe Biden. But David Walsh’s world view is so fixated in Capital and the Communist Manifesto that any notion that not everything is about class can’t penetrate his neanderthal brain.

A clean historical break with the Democrats and the turn toward socialism is on the order of the day.

A socialism where rape and sex are the same thing, apparently.