AOC runs over left, backs up, runs over them again. Left still loves her.

Jimmy Dore has a new piece on AOC which is of course very good.  But her selling out could be seen far earlier.

Pelosi was re-elected speaker on January 3, 2019 — with AOC’s vote.  In that same month the Justice Democrats, who sponsored AOC’s successful primary challenge in New York’s 14th congressional district against incumbent Joe Crowley, published a video with AOC where says (at the 5:00 mark) the following:

If you’re a one-term Congress member, so what?  You can make ten years’ worth of change in one term if you’re not afraid.

But apparently AOC was afraid not to vote for Pelosi for speaker.  Had she voted no, that might have sent a message that she meant business.  But she never did.  At the time, virtually the entire left was unanimous in defending AOC, saying she had no choice but to vote yes — despite the fact that fifteen other Democrats managed not to vote yes on Pelosi.  And to this day, other than Dore, virtually the entire left still defends AOC. 

Anyone who’s a recovering alcoholic knows the first step is to admit you have a problem.  The left needs to start seeing the world the way it is — not the way they want it to be.