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Well, fuck.

As long as I’m giving people credit (which hopefully does not become a habit), I guess I should mention this:

Think of the left’s programs, and lay them against the PMC’s [professional-managerial class –Eric] interests. (1) Free College, even community college. Could devalue PMC credentials. Na ga happen. (2) MedicareForAll. Ends jobs guarantee for means-testing gatekeepers in government, profit-through-denial-of-care gatekeepers in the health insurance business, not to mention opposition from some medical guilds. Na ga happen. (3) Ending the empire (and reining in the national security state). The lights would go out all over Fairfax and Loudon counties. Na ga happen. These are all excellent policy goals. But let’s be clear that it’s not only billionaires who oppose them.

Please let this end now.

The next AOC?

This interview makes me nervous. It looks like elite liberals already have their hooks in Chris Smalls. He talks about about everything he’s done, and everything he’s doing. He talks about the “success” the organizing he’s done is having. He’s talking up letters he’s gotten from (worse than useless) senators like Bernie or Warren. He’s already done an interview with 60 Minutes.

I mean, what’s he supposed to do? He’s going to need money. But the liberals aren’t throwing money at him and buying him off that way. It doesn’t work like that. They’re flattering him and encouraging to see himself as an agent of change. He may end up in politics someday. But he’s young and can’t have any well-developed theory of social change.

He has no way to see how he’s being used. And plenty of reasons not to. He could end up being the next AOC. And if he realizes what’s happening (which my guess is he won’t), he’ll be unemployed and poor again.

Chris Smalls isn’t a bad guy, though he may ultimately become one. He’s a pawn in a game he doesn’t understand. The question is, how long will it take before Jimmy Dore understands it? My guess is a few years, or as soon as Smalls announces he’s running for Congress.

AOC is already running for president.

AOC is doing damage control. I expect a huge chunk of the left to fall for it.

In addition to what I’ve already said, remember, Jimmy Dore gave her her first big exposure to a national audience. She said she’d come back if she won. Instead, she refused to return his emails, and lauds the odious Pelosi as “Mama Bear.”

For years, H.R. 676 was the “gold standard” single-payer Medicare for All bill. Pelosi turned H.R. 676 into the “I love NATO” act, and AOC voted for it.

The oleaginous Hillary-sycophant Neera Tanden is now praising AOC as someone who exhibits “leadership.”

Everything about her screams Obama 2.0,1 except female and Latina. But so many people need something, or someone, to believe in, and they have gravitated to her.

Those who can not remember history… Or, fool me once…

AOC runs over left, backs up, runs over them again. Left still loves her.

Jimmy Dore has a new piece on AOC which is of course very good.  But her selling out could be seen far earlier.

Pelosi was re-elected speaker on January 3, 2019 — with AOC’s vote.  In that same month the Justice Democrats, who sponsored AOC’s successful primary challenge in New York’s 14th congressional district against incumbent Joe Crowley, published a video with AOC where says (at the 5:00 mark) the following:

If you’re a one-term Congress member, so what?  You can make ten years’ worth of change in one term if you’re not afraid.

But apparently AOC was afraid not to vote for Pelosi for speaker.  Had she voted no, that might have sent a message that she meant business.  But she never did.  At the time, virtually the entire left was unanimous in defending AOC, saying she had no choice but to vote yes — despite the fact that fifteen other Democrats managed not to vote yes on Pelosi.  And to this day, other than Dore, virtually the entire left still defends AOC. 

Anyone who’s a recovering alcoholic knows the first step is to admit you have a problem.  The left needs to start seeing the world the way it is — not the way they want it to be.