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“Always with you what cannot be done.”

Dear Trotskyists, what did Katie Halper ever do to you?

The Times and the Post failed to report Reade’s allegations for weeks after the story was broken by Sanders supporter Katie Halper on her podcast in March.

Why describe Halper as a “Sanders supporter?” How is that even remotely relevant to her interview of Tara Reade?

The Trotskyists have already felt their identities threatened by Sanders — which is odd, because Sanders is (to quote Jimmy Dore) a cartoon. The only time Sanders ever exhibits any spine is when he throws supports like Tulsi Gabbard, Zephyr Teachout, and Matt Orfalea under the bus. He’s sort of like Obama in that regard — feckless against the right, but a complete stud when crushing people on his left.

But the World Socialist Web Site can’t let it go. I don’t mind them hating Bernie — that’s easy. Think of all the people who are poor who contributed a few dollars here or there to Sanders in 2016 and 2020. They were hoping for Medicare for all, and instead got emails exhorting them to donate to the DNC and support Joe Biden.

Taking money from poor people and then screwing them with it is what TV preachers do. It’s unforgivable.

But their constant need to shoehorn anti-Bernie sentiment into seemingly every fifth sentence on their otherwise generally good website is just incredibly weak tea. Trotskyists: Bernie’s no threat to you. Stop acting like he is.

What it indicates is that they have no self-awareness, and no plan to actually win anything. They’re afraid someone like Bernie might come along and actually win something, and then where would the Trotskyists be? Who would care about their socialism then? If a self-described “democratic socialist” were to win something without following the officially-approved Marxist dogma, the Trotskyists are afraid they’d be out of work.

In fairness to the World Socialist Web Site — which really is a good site — no self-awareness and no plan describes the entire left, not just them. With the possible exception of Jimmy Dore, everyone anywhere in the vicinity of the left just engages in constant nonstop whining about how powerless they are.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The left is in complete control of its destiny. The only thing preventing the left from winning is the left. If the left ever actually gets sick of losing and decides it’s ready for a change, no power in the world can stop it from winning.

First, though, it has to acknowledge the existence of participatory economics. Until that happens, the left is going to lose forever.

David Dayen and Barack Obama: Separated at birth?

David Dayen is not who people think he is. I remember him when he wrote for Jane Hamsher’s now-defunct FireDogLake website.

Dayen would write articles about the bad job Obama appointees were doing, but he would never criticize Obama, who literally had the power to fire them whenever he wanted. If the appointees were doing a bad job, that was on Obama.

I used to point this out to Dayen regularly in the comments sections to his articles. Finally, one day he snapped and said something back to me. I don’t remember what, and it really doesn’t matter.

Dayen will never ever criticize powerful Democrats. But he’s such a talented writer that he’s been very successful at convincing people he’s some sort of oppositional force. He’s kind of like the Obama of journalists.

Shocker: Elite liberals still hate the working class.

Everybody remembers Hillary calling the American working class “deplorables.” And everyone who is a deplorable understands that attitude among elite liberals hasn’t changed at all in the last four years (except maybe to have gotten worse).

So here’s more of it:

The fate of college football could become a microcosm of the broader American political divide. Coaches like Mullet Mike Gundy will insist on trying to play. Administrators will struggle to justify shutting down campuses to everyone but the football team.

“Mullet” Mike Gundy? (Gundy’s the football coach at Oklahoma State.) Now, Pro Football Talk is a very good website. It’s lightweight and uncluttered — very easy to read. But its owner, Mike Florio (who also wrote this article), and everyone who works for him, is a virtue-signalling liberal.

They refuse to call Washington’s NFL team the “Redskins.” You can argue Redskins is an offensive name, and I won’t disagree with you. Of course it is. However, (a) it is currently the name of the team, and (b) that doesn’t stop PFT from making money off of covering them.

Sarcasm: But since Florio et. al. don’t call the team the Redskins, that means the money they’re making isn’t blood money.

So here we have liberals who are wont to engage in costless virtue signalling, who then turn around and expose their deep hatred of the American working class.

That’s exactly what calling him “Mullet Mike Gundy” reflects. That attitude of elite liberals is no small part of why Donald Trump is in the White House.

Despite all his considerable and numerous flaws, had Bernie been the Democrat nominee, I’d have voted for him in the general (I voted for him in the 2016 and 2020 primaries). However, I supported Trump in the 2016 general, and people like Florio are no small part of the reason why it will be very easy for me to do so again and vote for him in 2020.

I hate elite liberals and corporate Democrats with heat of a thousand suns.