Robert, how much is Susan worth?

Of the Canadian truckers, Naked Capitalism‘s Lambert Strether writes

If we ask ourselves what sort of trucker is able to drive their rig to Ottawa, stay there for days, and even render their truck dysfunctional, the answer is clear: Owner operators… [I]f this were a labor dispute, it would be ludicrous to think that the Canadian truckers (these Canadian truckers could or should represent all truckers, just as it would be ludicruous [sic] for labor aristocrats to claim they represnted [sic] gig workers.

For Strether, apparently the truckers are not working-class enough — they are apparently just two steps removed from being capitalists like Jeff Bezos or something.

However, Strether’s boss, Naked Capitalism owner Yves Smith, lives in a half-a-million dollar (as of 2/13/22) home in a ritzy neighborhood of Birmingham, Alabama — where $500,000 probably goes farther than it does in, say, New York City.

If Strether is looking for someone’s bonafides to check, perhaps he can ask Smith.  I’m guessing she’s worth more than any of the truckers currently protesting in Canada.